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Discover the challenge: Crafting a sustainable brand evolution

The Hydrogen Innovation Initiative (HII) is a trusted group of organisations working with Industry, Government, and academia to create an investable, globally competitive hydrogen technology and services sector in the UK.

Our initial challenge was to represent the brand mission and values, using the existing logo to create a sophisticated and engaging brand that communicates with multiple stakeholders in government, policy makers and internal bodies as well as the general public.

Crafting a sustainable and dynamic brand evolution

Our aim was to elevate HII in an engaging way but also ensuring we remained true to the scientific and technical nature of the Hydrogen energy process. Taking inspiration from both science and nature, we created a layered, flexible brand that centred round the H symbol alongside graphical assets and imagery to express the role of hydrogen.

Our work included complex brand and design services across a range of multimedia, requiring leadership and consultative input, creative concept and brand identity development, plus copywriting, and the design and build of a microsite development.

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