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Discover the challenge: The future workspace is hybrid

Aston University approached us to create a brand identity for their new workspaces that would highlight the benefits of each space for different functions of work. The challenge was to create a dynamic and flexible identity that reflected the fluid nature of hybrid working which could be rolled out in the spaces and used across different channels.

A dynamic identity that reflects the fluid nature of hybrid working


The Agile workspace is split into three distinct zones: Collaboration, Concentration, and Connection, allowing users to switch between areas to suit their workload. The core prism device is a direct representation of this working model which and forms the basis of the identity, along with a distinct colour palette that was selected to connect the brand to the physical interior of the spaces. Our aim was to create a modern aesthetic that would make it easier for staff to distinguish between the different zones.

We successfully rolled out the  new Agile workspace concept across digital and printed formats, providing a unique and contemporary visual for the spaces.

The video content was successfully used across different channels, resulting in increased engagement and awareness. 

Our solution successfully highlighted the benefits of the different zones and provided a cohesive branding strategy for Aston’s new workspaces.

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