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Coty is a multinational company with an iconic portfolio of brands across beauty, fragrance and skincare. vbx were tasked with planning two Coty events in one week; their Consultant Conference and SLT Conference. As the events would bring teams together across all the brands of Coty, the event needed to resonate with all delegates and across all of Coty’s brands.

Bringing their immense history back to life with the decadence and glamour of the 1920s

When sourcing the venue, we looked back to the brand’s origins, bringing their immense history back to life with the decadence and glamour of the 1920s, and The Grand Hotel in Brighton was a perfect fit. 

We also worked on production of this event, which included using Coty’s signature logo and colours to create unique art deco patterns which were incorporated into various elements throughout the event space.

As well as managing the needs of the delegates on the run up to the event, vbx were also on-site on the day to provide valuable support to Coty, ensuring everything went to plan from start to finish for the event’s 150 attendees. 

The event was a success, creating a timeless celebration of everything Coty has achieved from the day it was founded.

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