A Marketer’s Guide to Authentic Sustainability 

Illustration showing trees and a factory

Ready to dive into the world of sustainability in marketing? It’s an exciting space where your efforts can make a real impact, but proceed with caution – there’s a fine line between genuine eco-consciousness and greenwashing (where companies make false sustainability claims). With consumers increasingly caring about buying environmentally and ethically sustainable products, there’s no […]

What is Gamification and Why Should You Be Using it in Your Marketing Strategy

Graphic image reading 'Level up'

Are you looking for new and innovative ways to achieve your marketing goals? Enter gamification – as the name suggests the technique that drives results by using gaming techniques in non-game settings! So get on your marks, get set, and go! and read this blog to get the downlow on all things gamification. We’ll explore […]

How to Nurture Venue Relationships: The Ultimate Guide to Event Marketing Success

Photo of table and chairs in a venue

If you’ve ever had to manage an event, big or small, after the initial planning stage comes the foundations for the success of your event – that all-important venue! As we covered in our previous blog, having the perfect venue is one paramount factor that will help to energise your corporate event. So events professionals, […]

B2B Marketing Trends to Watch Out for in 2024

Abstract collage of colourful elements in various fonts, reading "B2B trends 2024"

As we gear up for 2024, let’s chat about the exciting trends shaping the digital B2B marketing scene – and as a digital marketing agency in Birmingham, we know what we’re talking about! So, grab a cuppa, and let’s dive into the trends we predict will make waves in the marketing landscape next year. Data-Driven […]

vbx’s 2023: unboxed.

Image of a door with abstract details and copy that reads "2023: unboxed"

This must have been the fastest year on record – anyone else agree?! Here at vbx, in the bustling depths of the Jewellery Quarter we don’t feel like we’ve taken a breath since we did our New year’s Resolutions way back in January, when all the excitement of an upcoming 365 days lay ahead! On […]

The Art of Energising Corporate Events

Corporate events are more than just bringing a team together; they’re opportunities to inspire, engage, and energise your audience. Whether you’re hosting a conference, a product launch, or an annual meeting, the atmosphere you create can make or break the event’s success.  We’ve drawn on our  expertise as an event agency to share with you […]

Market Like You Mean It: 5 Tips for Authentic Content that Resonates

In today’s digital age, creating authentic content has become crucial for businesses and individuals alike. Authentic content not only helps build trust with your audience but also establishes your brand as a reliable source of information. All types of content marketing – from blog posts, case studies, social media to print, should resonate with your […]

What We Learnt at International Clean Tech Conference, Innovation Zero, as Marketers

What is Innovation Zero?  Taking place at the iconic Olympia London, Innovation Zero is a two-day international clean tech conference which brings together attendees from across the clean tech industry, including policymakers, innovators, funders, and large organisation leaders – all united by the goal of achieving a low carbon economy by championing the latest green […]

Your guide to B2B branding

B2B branding matters… In 2023, the importance of brands has never been greater. With the rise of e-commerce, social media, and other digital platforms, consumers are exposed to more brands than ever before. And this is true in today’s competitive B2B marketplace. Brand recognition is key to business performance. Esteemed authors theorising on the critical […]

Boost Your B2B Game with These Top 10 TikTok Tips

Boost Your B2B Game with These Top 10 TikTok Tips In today’s changing digital landscape, incorporating short-form video into your businesses’ marketing strategy is the key to reaching and engaging with your target audience. These types of videos are easy to consume and share, making them the perfect format for capturing the attention of the […]

AI-Powered Marketing: 6 Trends to Spice Up Your Strategy

Are you ready for the Fourth Industrial Revolution? The Fourth Industrial Revolution (sometimes called the 4IR or Industry 4.0) may sound like science fiction, but in some ways, we’re already living in it. The term is used to describe a combination of technological advances which have revolutionised the way we live and work.  Robotics, the […]

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